Companies Struggle in Hiring for Critical Job Positions

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A recent survey has found that companies are having a tough time finding employees that have the right qualifications to hire for their most critical positions. Lack of experience and technical skills, were highlighted as the major reasons why roughly 52 percent of U.S companies have found themselves in a difficult position when it comes hiring.

As the economy continues to improve and the market is getting more competitive, not only are employers increasing their hiring, but the role of finding the most qualified candidate for the position has become more crucial then ever. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is something that should be considered in ramping up hiring efforts. RPO is able to give companies that step up above the competition. Through the use of various tools and strategies an RPO provider can find the most qualified candidates fast and effectively for critical jobs such as skilled trades, engineers and IT staff that have been found as the hardest to fill. In a previous blog “An RPO SWOT Analysis”we discussed the importance of choosing the right RPO provider. It’s important that when making this decision a company takes into consideration the different aspects mentioned in this analysis. Choosing a provider that is able to meet a company’s needs will present them with qualified candidates to hire for these hard to fill job positions

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Lone Star State Continues to hold top ranking by CEOs as Best State for Business

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The results are from Chief Executive magazine’s annual survey and are based on a variety of factors from taxation and regulation, to work force quality and living environment.  Hundreds of CEOs have ranked the best and worst states for business in 2011. Since 2005 Texas continues to hold the top spot as the best state to do business while California and New York remain on the bottom, ranking as the worst.

CEOs look to do business in areas based on a state’s attitudes and policies towards businesses which are essential to successful growth. Factors from the work ethic of the people to the schools in the area play important roles in their decision to start a business as well. Texas continues to rank high based on these factors as well as its labor market flexibility and low taxes. Over the last decade Texas has attracted 4.3 million people to the state and in the last year alone created over 250,000 jobs, attracting the largest amount of job seekers to their state then any other in the country.

A major quality that CEOs look for when entering into a state to do business is its flexibility in employment laws. The top ranking states possess qualities in allowing for company freedom in deciding employee terms and benefits. CEOs want to be able to hire the appropriate employee for the position and have found that most of the lower ranking states have implemented regulations that make this hard for their business.

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Companies Ramp Up Hiring

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As the economy continues to improve, more companies are ramping up their hiring efforts. Economists predict that around 200,000 jobs a month will be added throughout the year. Manufacturing has been a leading sector in the past months, and we’re seeing many major well-known companies expanding and looking to hire hundreds of positions.
The decrease in unemployment will allow for more of consumer’s money to be spent in the economy thus generating even more hiring. The new income for consumers is important as we see gas prices continually rising and large debts incurred during the recession that need to be paid off. Economists hope that gas prices will level off in the coming months to allow for consumers to have extra spending money to fuel the economy and continue to increase hiring.

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